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To My Future Husband

To My Future Husband, As a child, I loved the Disney princesses and their stories of prevailing over evil, falling in love, getting married and living happily ever after. Life would be pretty simple – grow up to be beautiful, fall in love with a prince and the two of you easily defeat the villain… Continue reading To My Future Husband

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Why I Am Who I Am…

Number One: “Why do you wear plain clothes?” Number Two: My mother has a spot on her front tooth that is whiter than the rest of her teeth. As a child, I was fascinated every time she smiled. I wondered if the white spot would expand so all her teeth could be bright, bright white.… Continue reading Why I Am Who I Am…

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Did you see it?

Did you see it? Because I didn’t. I didn’t want to see it. Did I think it? Maybe. But I didn’t really believe it.   I had given up hope on getting better – that I will admit. But I am young and that foolish sense of invincibility still lingers in my mind. I thought… Continue reading Did you see it?

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Thirty Years Ago…

Thirty years ago. A lifetime away in a place so far from here. White dress, puffy hair, black tuxedo. Church bells and vows. Tears of joy and dancing. Everlasting Love.   Two lives learn to live as one. Working multiple jobs and saving money. Creating their own home and family. Working, Loving, Living. Everlasting Love.… Continue reading Thirty Years Ago…

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September Memories

Amanda walks nervously into the old, brick building as clouded sunlight streams in through the glass doors. A musty smell fills her nostrils and she cannot quite detect its source - maybe formaldehyde from one of the science classrooms? She makes her way up the stairs and enters the hallway on the second floor. She… Continue reading September Memories