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Stressed Out???

Stress is, and always has been, an integral part of the human experience. According to Vince Faust’s article, “Learning How to Control Stress for Better Health,” from the July 2015 edition of The Philadelphia Tribune, “stress is the mental, emotional, and physiological response of the body to any situation that is new, threatening, frightening, or… Continue reading Stressed Out???


Health vs. Wealth

After learning that the House passed the new GOP healthcare plan, I spent about two hours angrily reading articles and watching news clips about the consequences of the bill. Then I spent the rest of the night in a state of panic. After a therapeutic binge-watching of Netflix, I think I’m ready to discuss it.… Continue reading Health vs. Wealth

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Our Toxic World

Turning points are funny – in my mind, I always see the image of driving along a narrow road overlooking a cliff and a sharp, hair pin turn is approaching. Sometimes life’s turning points give you a heads-up – a U-turn sign, a falling rock zone sign or a winding road up ahead sign. The… Continue reading Our Toxic World

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Digging Your Way Out

“You sound much better.” Some days are really good. I can move around the house, cleaning up this and that. Maybe I even get outside for a walk, if the weather is warm. Sure, I still get tired, but I can stay focused. I can accomplish things. Sometimes, on really good days, I can go… Continue reading Digging Your Way Out

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Did you see it?

Did you see it? Because I didn’t. I didn’t want to see it. Did I think it? Maybe. But I didn’t really believe it.   I had given up hope on getting better – that I will admit. But I am young and that foolish sense of invincibility still lingers in my mind. I thought… Continue reading Did you see it?

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Yes, I’m feeling better. Thank you.

“I see you even painted your nails. You really are starting to feel better,” the doctor says warmly as she ties the blue rubber tourniquet around my arm, just above the elbow. I smile and think, “Yes, finally.” We are starting a new treatment today. The doctor calmly explains the treatment as she preps my… Continue reading Yes, I’m feeling better. Thank you.