Bicycles and Baseball (Writing is Hard Pt. 23)

Today is Day 23 of my 30-day writing challenge – only one week left! Today I decided to write about a family photo from what seems like another life… There are fingerprints and small scratches on the surface of the photo, and although they do not hinder the view, they do emphasize how much time… Continue reading Bicycles and Baseball (Writing is Hard Pt. 23)


What I Learned from My Parents’ Marriage (Writing is Hard Pt. 7)

Today is Day 7 of my 30-day writing challenge. Today also would have been my parents’ 31st wedding anniversary, so I would like to share some lessons on love based on their marriage. 1) Marry Your Best Friend On top of being husband and wife, my parents were also best friends. They were that dorky,… Continue reading What I Learned from My Parents’ Marriage (Writing is Hard Pt. 7)


Italian Memories (Writing is Hard Pt. 6)

So here we are, Day Six of my 30-day writing challenge. Today was a particularly draining and all I want to do is curl up in my pajamas and read a good book (maybe re-read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for the tenth time?), but here I am writing. Looking back at today’s… Continue reading Italian Memories (Writing is Hard Pt. 6)

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I’m Fine: My Obsession with Control

My dad was dead. My mom was depressed. My sister was a mess. And I was fine. I mean, sure, I was sad, but sad an appropriate, normal amount. I was handling things. I was the responsible one. I was organized. I did my homework. I cleaned the house. I was the one who kept… Continue reading I’m Fine: My Obsession with Control

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Our Superman Starts Chemo

After the telling us about the cancer, my dad went to Columbian Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. This is where he got chemo. My mom explained to me and my sister that chemo was a very strong medicine used to fight cancer. She said the chemo was like a little army that would kill… Continue reading Our Superman Starts Chemo

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A Dog and His Human

Hunter squirms in her arms, crying and whimpering. She cradles him, quietly whispering and trying to calm him down. They are waiting for the veterinarian to return; he squirms and she hopes for an answer, a good answer. … On a cold January night, Hunter, only a tiny, four-pound fluff at the time, cries in… Continue reading A Dog and His Human

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Returning to My Childhood Home

I sit quietly in an eerily familiar room, now a stranger. I look around the darkened room and suddenly see the computer against the wall transform into a black keyboard. Even though I know the walls are painted a pretty purple, I see the old-fashioned wood paneling creeping its way up the wall. I try… Continue reading Returning to My Childhood Home

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Life after Death: The Reality of a Family in Purgatory

The Beginning It was a sunny day in late May, I believe May 26th to be exact. My little sister and I went home from school with my friend Nicole; we were in the same Girl Scout troop, Troop 592, and my sister Tara almost always tagged along with me. Nicole's mother took us to King… Continue reading Life after Death: The Reality of a Family in Purgatory

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When It Hits the Fan

Prologue New York City Ten years ago No one cares to notice that the Port Authority Bus Terminal is packed with people. It’s always packed with people coming and going in every direction, so why waste extra energy in noticing them? There are people rushing, people pushing, people getting lost, people getting annoyed, people meeting… Continue reading When It Hits the Fan