Happy Birthday, Hunter! (Writing is Hard Pt. 15)

Today is Day 15 of my 30-day writing challenge and it is my dog’s 11th birthday. He has spent his birthday napping on my bed and relaxing in the backyard (I took him outside to play fetch, but he preferred to lie on the grass in the sunshine). He also enjoyed some of my scrambled… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Hunter! (Writing is Hard Pt. 15)

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A Dog and His Human

Hunter squirms in her arms, crying and whimpering. She cradles him, quietly whispering and trying to calm him down. They are waiting for the veterinarian to return; he squirms and she hopes for an answer, a good answer. … On a cold January night, Hunter, only a tiny, four-pound fluff at the time, cries in… Continue reading A Dog and His Human