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Returning to My Childhood Home

I sit quietly in an eerily familiar room, now a stranger. I look around the darkened room and suddenly see the computer against the wall transform into a black keyboard. Even though I know the walls are painted a pretty purple, I see the old-fashioned wood paneling creeping its way up the wall. I try… Continue reading Returning to My Childhood Home


Health vs. Wealth

After learning that the House passed the new GOP healthcare plan, I spent about two hours angrily reading articles and watching news clips about the consequences of the bill. Then I spent the rest of the night in a state of panic. After a therapeutic binge-watching of Netflix, I think I’m ready to discuss it.… Continue reading Health vs. Wealth

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Life after Death: The Reality of a Family in Purgatory

The Beginning It was a sunny day in late May, I believe May 26th to be exact. My little sister and I went home from school with my friend Nicole; we were in the same Girl Scout troop, Troop 592, and my sister Tara almost always tagged along with me. Nicole's mother took us to King… Continue reading Life after Death: The Reality of a Family in Purgatory

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When It Hits the Fan

Prologue New York City Ten years ago No one cares to notice that the Port Authority Bus Terminal is packed with people. It’s always packed with people coming and going in every direction, so why waste extra energy in noticing them? There are people rushing, people pushing, people getting lost, people getting annoyed, people meeting… Continue reading When It Hits the Fan

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Mothers, Daughters and Chandler Bing

My sister and I have always bonded over the television sitcom Friends, even before she was born. One of my earliest memories is watching Friends with my mom, who was pregnant with my little sister at the time. We were sitting in the basement, the light near the bottom of the stairs was on but… Continue reading Mothers, Daughters and Chandler Bing

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To My Future Husband

To My Future Husband, As a child, I loved the Disney princesses and their stories of prevailing over evil, falling in love, getting married and living happily ever after. Life would be pretty simple – grow up to be beautiful, fall in love with a prince and the two of you easily defeat the villain… Continue reading To My Future Husband

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Why I Am Who I Am…

Number One: “Why do you wear plain clothes?” Number Two: My mother has a spot on her front tooth that is whiter than the rest of her teeth. As a child, I was fascinated every time she smiled. I wondered if the white spot would expand so all her teeth could be bright, bright white.… Continue reading Why I Am Who I Am…

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Walking Home

The bell had barely finished ringing when Johnny and Charlie exited the school and made their way to the curved staircase at the front of the school. Johnny, a senior, had short brown hair and wore a blue sweatshirt. Charlie, a junior, had short reddish brown hair and wore a green sweatshirt. They both stayed… Continue reading Walking Home

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Our Toxic World

Turning points are funny – in my mind, I always see the image of driving along a narrow road overlooking a cliff and a sharp, hair pin turn is approaching. Sometimes life’s turning points give you a heads-up – a U-turn sign, a falling rock zone sign or a winding road up ahead sign. The… Continue reading Our Toxic World

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In a Sea of Green

March 1995 The sound of bagpipes extends over blocks and blocks of parked cars, calling everyone to the road with a green stripe. Children bundled in strollers sport shamrock stickers. Dogs don green bandanas around their collars. Men wear green T-shirts with funny sayings, and women wear green beaded necklaces bought from street vendors. Cream-colored… Continue reading In a Sea of Green