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Pretty Dresses

May 1995 The cramped salon is full of excited, talkative teenagers and their overbearing mothers. The chattering sound of gossip fights to be heard over the hair driers, chiming timers and swooshing sink water. Frazzled stylists work quickly, trying to stay calm as they time out the next wash, blow-out and updo in their heads.… Continue reading Pretty Dresses

Letters to a Daughter, Uncategorized

In a Sea of Green

March 1995 The sound of bagpipes extends over blocks and blocks of parked cars, calling everyone to the road with a green stripe. Children bundled in strollers sport shamrock stickers. Dogs don green bandanas around their collars. Men wear green T-shirts with funny sayings, and women wear green beaded necklaces bought from street vendors. Cream-colored… Continue reading In a Sea of Green

Letters to a Daughter, Uncategorized

Playing Dress Up

March 1997 Two woman are in a brightly lit basement where a white, Cinderella wedding dress is neatly hanging, protected by clear plastic. The woman with short, brown hair is sitting on a stool, looking up as the brush gently sweeps over her eyes. “Just one week away,” she thinks to herself, with a small… Continue reading Playing Dress Up

Letters to a Daughter

Christmas Decorations

December 1997 Taylor wakes to the sound of Rue stirring on the baby monitor. The sunless, winter-grey light filters through the skylight above Taylor’s bed; it is some time in the late afternoon. She hadn’t been fully asleep, just one of those sleeps where your body is much too tired to move, your eyes much… Continue reading Christmas Decorations