Family. It’s complicated – our stories are intertwined by blood, marriages and, most importantly, experiences.

Then time passes and past experiences fade, making way for new ones. These new experiences bombard us with new surges of love, anger and sadness. Old love mixes with new love and past pain unites with new pain.

This unrelenting cycle continues and we try our best to keep up, to neatly compartmentalize past experiences from present experiences. When this inevitably fails, we find ourselves in a tangle of time. Our past pain irrationally comes back, mixing with present pain and creating what seems to be a mangled mess.

Then I step back. I breathe. I pause from trying to keep up, from trying to neatly compartmentalize past and present. Then I see.

After a few moments, I forget how I came to see. I continue on blindly controlling what cannot be controlled. The cycle continues.