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The Ever-Current Life Lessons from Friends

Friends may have ended 13 years ago, but we all still love to watch the reruns, right?

This successful, ten season television series tells the story of six young adults living in New York City and trying to figure out life. So, I have compiled the ten important life lessons this epic television series taught us.

#10. Respect Your Neighbors

Image result for mr heckles from friends gif

This show taught viewers the proper way of dealing with pesky neighbors. Throughout the years these six main characters have dealt with Mr. Heckles, the miserable man who loved to complain, the attractive girl across the alleyway who spied on everyone through a telescope, the overly cheerful man who loudly sang every morning, the ugly man across the alleyway who didn’t like wearing clothes, the scary “Yeti” man in the basement, and the two guys who kept a chicken and a duck as pets…oh, wait that was just Joey and Chandler.

#9. Dating Your Friend’s Sister Can Be Dangerous  


For example, Chandler kisses Joey’s sister and then gets punched in the face. Then, Ross jeopardizes his friendship with Rachel by dating her selfish and spoiled younger sister, Jill. This short-lived relationship leads to Ross experiencing the wrath of both Rachel and Jill. Joey falls for Phoebe’s insensitive twin sister Ursula, who doesn’t care about him.

#8. Beware When Going to an Ex’s Wedding


Throughout the ten seasons, the six friends have suffered through some very uncomfortable moments because they attend an ex’s wedding. When Rachel is the maid of honor at Barry and Mindy’s wedding, she must endure rumors of her insanity and ends up getting on stage and singing “Copacabana.” Monica, unknowingly, crashes the wedding of her ex, leading to a very awkward encounter with the bride. Then, Ross ends up walking his ex-wife down the aisle at her second marriage. Of course, there is the jaw-dropping ceremony at Ross and Emily’s wedding, when ex-girlfriend, Rachel, comes at the last minute. So, if you go to an ex’s wedding, expect some kind of awkward encounter.

#7. What NOT to Do During a Job Interview

Image result for rachel kisses her boss

Friends has given its viewers quite an extensive list of what not to do at a job interview. Some examples would be when Phoebe tells the truth for leaving her last job, Chandler making immature jokes, Joey forgetting to use the restroom before an audition, Rachel kissing her boss at the end of the interview, Ross making such a boring speech that his boss falls asleep, and Rachel meeting her current boss while on an interview with her now not-so-possible future boss.

#6. Problems With Keeping a Secret Relationship a Secret


This show has taught us that even among friends, there are secrets. First, there is Monica and Chandler’s secret affair, beginning in London and developing into a serious relationship. For about six months they try keep this secret from the others. This secret relationship breeds secrets among all six friends, as one by one they figure everything out.

Aside from the Monica/Chandler affair, there is the secret marriage between Ross and Rachel. After a drunken night in Las Vegas, Rachel and Ross unexpectedly get married and Ross keeps the fact that they remain married a secret from everyone, including Rachel.

#5. Achieve a State of Total Awareness


Unagi is a state of total awareness. Only by achieving true Unagi can you be prepared for any danger that may befall you.

#4. Always Say the Correct Name at Your Wedding


Now, this rule in life may seem straightforward, but Friends has taught us that one mistaken word could be disastrous. Ross proves this point true while saying his vows to Emily at their wedding, and mistakenly saying Rachel’s name. Although, perhaps, Ross was still in love with Rachel, meaning that he was saying the correct name, just to the wrong person; so make sure you figure who you want to marry and know their name before walking down the aisle.

#3. Propose to the Girl Before Her Ex Does


There are very few “perfect proposals” but you should at least try to sidestep a catastrophic proposal. An important aspect to this would be proposing before the woman’s ex does. This dramatic scenario is played out during Chandler’s proposal to Monica. He pretends to be not at all interested in marriage so she will be surprised when he proposes. However a problem occurs when Monica’s ex-boyfriend, Richard, tells her he wants to marry her.

Another example is when Phoebe’s boyfriend, David, is literally seconds away from proposing to her, and then her ex-boyfriend, Mike, comes. In the end, Mike is able to pop the question first and David goes home alone.

#2. Always DEFINE the Meaning of “Taking a Break” 


Ross and Rachel illustrate this lesson when they have an argument and Rachel suggests they “take a break from us.” However both of them have very different definitions of this “break.” This slight misunderstanding results in secrets, a shocking revelation, an explosive argument and finally an official break-up. So what did it teach us? Always, always, always be very clear and define the meaning of a “break”.

#1. Remember that Life Plans Change, But Friends are Forever   

Image result for phoebe plan

The absolute, most important lesson Friends teaches us, is that while you are trying to figure out life, your friends will always be there for you. This theme of true friendship is emphasized in each and every episode, teaching us that through the good and bad, you will always have your friends. The true of value friendship is having the people who care about you, who will be there when the rain starts to pour.     




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