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Stressed Out???

Stress is, and always has been, an integral part of the human experience. According to Vince Faust’s article, “Learning How to Control Stress for Better Health,” from the July 2015 edition of The Philadelphia Tribune, “stress is the mental, emotional, and physiological response of the body to any situation that is new, threatening, frightening, or… Continue reading Stressed Out???

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I’m Fine: My Obsession with Control

My dad was dead. My mom was depressed. My sister was a mess. And I was fine. I mean, sure, I was sad, but sad an appropriate, normal amount. I was handling things. I was the responsible one. I was organized. I did my homework. I cleaned the house. I was the one who kept… Continue reading I’m Fine: My Obsession with Control

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The Ever-Current Life Lessons from Friends

Friends may have ended 13 years ago, but we all still love to watch the reruns, right? This successful, ten season television series tells the story of six young adults living in New York City and trying to figure out life. So, I have compiled the ten important life lessons this epic television series taught… Continue reading The Ever-Current Life Lessons from Friends

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Our Superman Starts Chemo

After the telling us about the cancer, my dad went to Columbian Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. This is where he got chemo. My mom explained to me and my sister that chemo was a very strong medicine used to fight cancer. She said the chemo was like a little army that would kill… Continue reading Our Superman Starts Chemo

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A Dog and His Human

Hunter squirms in her arms, crying and whimpering. She cradles him, quietly whispering and trying to calm him down. They are waiting for the veterinarian to return; he squirms and she hopes for an answer, a good answer. … On a cold January night, Hunter, only a tiny, four-pound fluff at the time, cries in… Continue reading A Dog and His Human

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Pretty Dresses

May 1995 The cramped salon is full of excited, talkative teenagers and their overbearing mothers. The chattering sound of gossip fights to be heard over the hair driers, chiming timers and swooshing sink water. Frazzled stylists work quickly, trying to stay calm as they time out the next wash, blow-out and updo in their heads.… Continue reading Pretty Dresses

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The Super Sleuths: Holmes, Columbo, Monk & Spencer

When life gets too scary, let's take a break from analyzing the news and focus on the funny, anti-reality world of television... What's better than an English, cocaine-addicted super sleuth? The mystery genre of books, movies and television has been greatly influenced by Arthur Doyle’s literary depiction of Sherlock Holmes, a detective who solved mysteries… Continue reading The Super Sleuths: Holmes, Columbo, Monk & Spencer